Client : Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC)

Description : Transmission of 18 wells flow to 2 phase separation unit (Cluster) for separation of gas from liquids and dehydrating of gas. 18 Wells have been foreseen to be operated at first stage in the south Yaran oil field (17 slots in SARVAK layer and 1 slots in GADVAN layer).

Each Wellhead Consist of following equipment :


-6” Wellhead line

-Mobile Pig Launcher

-Burn Pit

-Chemical Injection Packages

-Wellhead control Panel

-Compact transformer

-Control Room

– Electrical and Instrumentation and F&G Systems

Project Location Iran / Iraq borderline (common oil reservoir) on the edge of the Khozestan plain in south western Iran. It is approximately 120 km west of Ahwaz.

SEP Scope of Work : Detailed Design Engineering

Status : Completed