Parchin/Semnan/Dasht Gas Compressor Stations Project
Parchin/Semnan/Dasht Gas Compressor Stations Project

                               Client :  SEKAF Consortium / Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Co. (IGEDC)

                   Description :  Installing 3 Gas Compressor Stations for N/NE Gas Trunk Pipeline, in order to boost the transmission of 2.4

                                                millions cubic meter per hour natural gas along from Tehran to Golestan province via a 48″ pipeline.

                                                Each station comprises of following equipment :

                                                – Suction scrubbers (2 Stages)

                                                – Gas Turbo Compressors ( 18 MW each) 

                                                – Air gas coolers

                                                – Utility systems

                                                – Buildings (incl. Control Room, Substation, Workshop, etc.)

                                                – Electrical and Instrumentation Systems

                                                – etc.


         Project Location : Paarchin/Semnan/Dasht

    SEP Scope of Work : Basic Engineering Endorsement, Detail Engineering, Procurement Services and Technical Assistance during

                                               Construction and Installation

                                Status : Completed