Client : Bahman Geno company

Description : Constructing new Oil Refinery with nominal capacity of 300,000 bpsd which is supposed to process the Iranian heavy and very heavy crude oils as below:

– Soroush and Nowruz Crude Oils (S/N) in a mixture of 50 vol.% of each; API=19

– Iranian Heavy (IRH) crude oil; API=29

The main scheduled Products of this new refinery are :… LPG, S.R. Naphtha, Jet Fuel, Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil and Bitumen.

The outline of the main process, utility and offsite units of refinery are summarized as below:

– Crude Distillation Unit (300,000 bpsd)

– Vacuum Distillation Unit (200,000 bpsd)

– Saturated Gas Plant (66,000 bpsd)

– Diesel HDS (63,000 bpsd)

– Kerosene Sweetening (40,000 bpsd)

– LPG Sweetening (3,000 bpsd)

– Amine Gas Treating Unit

– Sulfur Recovery Plant (120 ton/day)

– Hydrogen production Unit (45,000 Nm3/h)

– Sour Water Stripping Unit

– Tankage and Interconnecting Pipelines

– Flare System

– Waste Water Treatment System

– Sea Water Intake System

– Water Systems including, Desalination System, Cooling Water System, Potable Water System

– Steam Generation and Boiler Feed Water System; including Demineralized Water System and Condensate Recovery System;

– Power Generation and Distribution System;to provide the plant power requirements at different levels.

– Other systems like,  Air System; Nitrogen System; Fire Water System;Fuel System; etc

– Caustic Supply System

Project Location : Bandar-Abbas (south of Iran)

SEP Scope of Work : Project Management Consultant (PMC) for Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning stages of Project( JV with  Hormozan Energy Industry Development Company,

Status : Awarded , EPC Contractor selected by holding tender, basic design revised, project location changed and not continued according to owner decision.