Client : Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC)

MC: National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Company (NIOEC)

Description :  offshore terminal and marine facilities in JASK to transfer one million barrel per day crude oil via subsea pipelines, SPMs and relevant facilities.

ONSHORE Facilities

  –metering system

  – Pig launcher and Receiver Facilities

  – Buildings: (including Control Room, Substations, Laboratory, GIS, Workshop, Warehouse, Firefighting, etc.)

  – Port and Jetty

                                           OFFSHORE Facilities

                                           –3 ( 2 x 9 km )Subsea 36″ pipelines

                                           – 3 SPM, 9 km away the shore line

                                           – 3 PLEM

Project Location :   Jask, Hormozgan Province 

SEP Scope of Work: Basic Engineering of offshore and Onshore Facilities including : route selection, Subsea surveying, geo-technical studies, design services like  hydraulic calculations, EIA Study,traffic Study, Passive defense study, etc. 

Status : Completed