Qeshm Star Oil Refinery Project
Qeshm Star Oil Refinery Project

                          Client : Qeshm Star Bunkering and Shipping Services Company

               Description : Constructing new Oil Refinery with nominal capacity of 50,000 bpsd which is supposed to process the Iranian 

                                             Light, Heavy and Extra Heavy Crude Oil as below :

                                             – Soroush and Nowruz Crude Oils (S/N) in a mixture of 50 vol.% of each; API=19

                                             – Iranian Heavy (IRH) crude oil; API=29

                                             – Ahwaz Asmari crude oil; API=34

                                             The main scheduled Products of this new refinery are: LPG, S.R. Krosene, Diesel Fuel

                                              (according to NIOC Specification), S.R. Naphtha and Marine Fuel Oil (grade RMG 380).

                                              The outline of the main process, utility and offsite Units of refinery are summarized as below :

                                             – Crude Distillation Unit (50,000 bpsd)

                                             – LPG Recovery Unit (1,400 bpsd)

                                             – Sour Water Stripping Unit

                                             – Tankage and Interconnecting Pipelines

                                             – Flare System

                                             – Waste Water Treatment System

                                             – Sea Water Intake System

                                              – Water System including, Desalination System, Cooling Water System, Potable Water System

                                               – Steam Generation and Boiler Feed Water System; including Demineralized Water System and Condensate

                                               Recovery System;                                                                          

     Project Location : Qeshm Island (south of Iran)

SEP Scope of Work : Configuration Study and Front End Engineering Design, as well as providing other required 

                                      services like Surveying, Geotechnical Study and EIA Study                                      

                          Status : Completed