Client : ENGI Co. (An Iranian Investment Company)

               Description : Constructing new Refinery with nominal capacity of 60,000 bpsd which is supposed to process the South Pars

                                            gas condensate (API 58)…. The main scheduled products are LPG, Hydro-treated Naphtha, Jet Fuel & Diesel Fuel.

                                            The outline of the main process, utility and offsite Units of refinery are summarized as below :

                                            – Crude Distillation Unit (60,000 bpsd)

                                            – LPG Recovery Unit (3,500 bpsd)  

                                           – Naphtha Hydrotreater (41,000 bpsd)

                                           – Kerosene Sweetening Unit (3,100 bpsd)

                                           – Gas Oil Hydrotreater (14,200 bpsd)

                                           – Tankage and Interconnecting Pipeline                                                                                            

     Project Location : Assaluyeh (south of Iran)

SEP Scope of Work : Conceptual Design and Bankable Feasibility Study                                           

                           Status : Completed