Qeshm Oil Terminal Project (PMC)
Qeshm Oil Terminal Project (PMC)

                               Client : Qeshm Oil Investment Company

               Description : Constructing new OIL DEPOT in Qeshm Island with 6.5 million barrels storage capacity and capable 

                                           loading/unloading the marine vessels with capacities upto 323.000 dwt, including the following systems :

                                           ONSHORE Facilities

                                           – 13 Floating Roof Storage Tanks (6.500.000 barrel total storage capacity)

                                           – 8000 m3/hr pumping capacity

                                           – 2 x 8 km onshore 36″ pipelines

                                           – 25 km HV Power Transmission Line

                                           – Buildings (including Control Room, Substations, Laboratory, GIS, Workshop, Warehouse, Firefighting, etc.)

 – All needed facilities for loading/unloading to/from marine vessels

Project Location : Qeshm Island (South of Iran)

SEP Scope of Work : Project Management Consultant (PMC) for Procurement, Construction and Commissioning stages of Project

Status : In-hand